Simple Call Tracking That PROVES Your Marketing Efforts Are Working

We Take The Guesswork Out of Where Your Client's Calls Are Coming From And Turn Every Lead Into A TRACKABLE Sale

Know EXACTLY Which Ads Are Driving ACTUAL Phone Calls With Qualified Leads

Track Every Conversion

Prove the ROI Of Every Campaign

Analyze & Customize Lead Experience

Efficiently Optimize Client's Ad Spend

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We help marketers go from "doing" marketing to "knowing" marketing with industry-leading call tracking tools, hands-on training, and unrivaled customer support.

The fastest way to increase your confidence (and competence) as a marketer AND give your clients the highest return on their marketing budgets is to stop trying to blindly scale individual campaigns and instead focus your efforts on this overlooked, but MUST-KNOW principle that can make or break any campaign.

As Peter Drucker said, "You can't improve what you don't measure."

The REAL problem occurs when marketers don't have an efficient way to measure, analyze, and optimize campaign data--attempting to blindly solve problems without knowing the root cause.

What you really need is a tool you can use that allows you to accurately track the attribution of the leads you're generating, because you can't optimize what's not tracked.

And that's exactly what Analytic Call Tracking was designed to do.

Real Time Tracking

Get up to date call data with the real time dashboard for each client. Need a report, generate reports quickly.

Blacklist/Block Calls

Make multiple blacklists, which are lists of phone numbers you want to block. No more telemarketers!

Simple Configuration

You can configure a new tracking number and assign it to any company/account in less than 30 seconds.

No Contracts

No contracts, no setup charges, & no shenanigans. Only pay for what you use, when you use it.

Your Own Enterprise Call Tracking Platform in 15 Minutes

With Analytic Call Tracking you can make more money by identifying the marketing channels that make your phone ring. You also have the flexibility to assign phone numbers to each marketing channel like Youtube, Google Places, Facebook, etc.

Unlimited Company Accounts

Scale With Ease

Inbound & Outbound Call Recording

Real Time Call Stats

  • I listened to some of the calls and found out the leads were NOT being answered by anyone and the leads are being wasted...the owner was shocked... This call tracking software is awesome!
  • I really appreciate the time (and money) that was put into making this call tracking system something easy and flexible. Even if you have never used call tracking before, ACT makes it so easy...even a caveman can do it.
    — Johnny Akzam JAcom Consultants

A Message from Founder Ben Pate

What I've found is that most marketers want to grow their business, work with more of the right clients, and be seen as more than just a "hired gun" but rather as someone who's critical to the strategy and growth of their client's business.…but they don't know how to make themselves stand apart from the dozens of other agencies gunning to steal their clients.

They've got a solid baseline of marketing knowledge and have acquired the skills needed to help generate more leads for their clients. They want to work with more clients who understand the value of marketing and advertising when done right and who value them as long-term strategic partners and advisors. But they don't want to have to put in 16-hour days to reach their income goals.

They want something that's going to give them an edge NOW, and keep that edge for as long as they're in business.

They may think the problem is that they need their clients to have bigger marketing and advertising budgets (the old tactic of throwing more money at a problem). They think that they need to be on more channels more often. Or they need to convince their clients to do more content marketing, blogging, or social media, or to put more money into SEO, CRO, and other elements of the marketing ecosystem.

But all of this is in an attempt to put band-aids on the real culprit. What's missing is the ability to track and analyze the right data, then leverage it to get their clients the best ROI.

So these marketers end up working harder, putting in more hours with their nose to the grindstone trying to understand their clients' campaigns. Or they try implementing any new strategy or tactic they read about in a Facebook group hoping it'll work, without any real context or understanding of what (and WHY) they're doing it. They keep spending, but don't always have the results to show for it.

They're "guessing" where the best leads are coming from for their clients' businesses, or, relying on the client's staff to keep asking the question, "How did you hear about us?"

What today's marketers really need is a tool they can use that allows them to accurately measure the attribution of the leads they're generating--because you can't optimize what's not being measured. Armed with the right data, they can finally focus effort on what's actually effective and generating an ROI and stop wasting time and money trying to scale campaigns in the dark.

They just need to realize that it's not the latest strategy or tactic, bigger budgets, new platforms, or anything overly fancy that they need. Sexy or not, they need to know and understand the right numbers – that's what will guide them to the levels of success that they know they're capable of.

And that's why I founded Analytic Call Tracking.

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Analytic Call Tracking Connects The Dots Between Marketing Campaigns and Inbound Phone Calls…

So You Can See Which Ads Are ACTUALLY Making The Phone Ring For Your Client's Business…

And Help Them Drive More of The RIGHT Traffic & Convert More Leads Into Sales

(without the guesswork)

✓ Get a more complete view of your marketing efforts

✓ Focus budget to needle-mover campaigns

✓ Streamline sales processes

✓ Automate lead tracking

✓ Scale with confidence

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