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Why Turning To Digital Advertising May Not Be Your Company’s Best Marketing Technique

Most business owners believe that since people spend a majority of their time on the internet that is where they have to go to attract their target audience to their brand. This could be an effective marketing campaign, but on the other hand it could also lead to major, unnecessary headaches. One way you could save your business from blindly throwing money at superfluous online ads is with call tracking.

With the right call tracking software your company can gauge which ads, whether they are print, signage, digital, etc, are actually resulting in profitable leads. Having numerous phone numbers connecting to your business will ultimately be your way of pin pointing which ads are reaching an audience that is interested in your brand. This will give your company the exact KPIs needed to increase revenue and avoid extraneous advertisements.

Measuring ROI on Digital Advertising Campaigns


In attempting to understand how to properly introduce your brand on the web you must take the time to understand the resources readily available and how to grasp which of those are actually providing positive ROI. Finding out where the traffic is coming from, and whether it is actually leading to direct sales are questions that have caused a lot of money to be left on the table for companies utilizing digital ad campaigns.

Fortunately, with the right tools, managing a digital ad campaign as well as effectively limiting a tight marketing budget has become a lot easier. With Google Adwords, Microsoft Ad Excellence, and Yahoo Search Marketing, companies are in the loop with how their money is being put to use. The pay-per-click, cost-per-mille, and site-targeted advertising methods give businesses the resources they need to determine which ads are effectively reaching their target audience.

Intertwining these tools with a method of directing a target audience to an available phone number has become a very popular method. According to Google, “click-to-call is such a popular ad format that Google generates 30 million calls every month right now”. Although these tools successfully produce traffic analytics there is still the question of whether or not those exposed users are actually converted into customers.

Why Call Tracking is the Solution for Gauging Click-to-Call Advertisements

blog82By adding call tracking to a digital ad campaign, businesses are able to successfully identify the source of their direct sales. Adopting a network of phone numbers that are all linked to one business opens up the opportunity to divulge data of how people are finding a company online. Stringing together how people arrive at the phone number they call via strategically placed ads is difficult, but also a must have for any campaign dissection.

In addition, it is evident that many of these ads that list phone numbers are automatically attracting customers anyway. According to Google, “Ads featuring the click-to-call extensions along with location extensions can see a 6-8% increase for click-through rates”. The most precise traffic analysis tool is going to be one of the most valuable assets a company has. Call tracking will fill in informational gray areas that can put holes in quarterly revenue. Knowing if people are calling the listed numbers is nice, but understanding how they got there and if they are actually spending money on your product or service is much better.

In some verticals, such as insurance or automotive, most customers will only trust leaning towards calling the listed phone number rather than spending the time gathering information on a website. So, ultimately getting to know your customer base will be your most practical way of getting to know an adequate business model. Call tracking is an incredible opportunity for any business to anatomize:

  1. Who is paying attention to their campaign
  2. Who can be classified as a customer
  3. Where that customer is coming from
  4. What motivates them in actually dialing a number listed in an advertisement


How Call Tracking Can Lead to More Cost Effective Mobile Advertising

blog83Considering all the capabilities of digital media, it is imperative for businesses to recognize which advertising techniques are going to be sufficient in increasing overall revenue. Mobile platforms have been growing in popularity a dramatic amount each year and many companies have spent a lot of effort and money in attempting to reach their unique target audience on smartphone or tablet devices.

Every year the amount of people who are engaging with mobile devices is rapidly growing. It is evident how effective marketing campaigns can be on these devices because of how frequently users are interacting with them. The CTIA- The Wireless Association reported “255.4 million Americans are subscribers to some sort of cell phone service. The largest demographic of age in that cluster of people came in the form of youth users”.

The mobile platform has changed the way businesses advertise dramatically. The main reason for why it is so difficult is because of how frequently the mobile operating systems are evolving. For example, localization has become a major breakthrough for companies looking to draw in as many customers who can be labeled as relevant based on GPS location. Including call tracking technology within the framework of your mobile ad campaign will give you the ability to grasp if localization is an effective strategy. Understanding if, why, who, and how these customers are being attracted to your business is the most important facet of any campaign, and call tracking is the first step in delivering those interpretations.

Since there are such a vast number of potential customers it is difficult to keep tabs on where they are coming from. Call tracking has the capability of distinguishing what demographics are responding to the numbers provided on the mobile ads, which provides information of where the campaign should focus most of its effort. Having collaboration between search engines and phone call data make for an absolute method of determining how the mobile audience is reaching a brand.

Call tracking can provide the proper breakdown of keywords, pages visited, advertisements, sources, and make a useful connection between leads and the related mobile marketing campaign. This association is essential in the overall translation of the advertisement’s performance. Analyzing the execution of digital ads with call tracking will provide an answer of whether or not they are actually worth investing in.


blog84As your company aims to tackle ad campaigns on fast growing digital platforms it is critical to also consider integrating additional methods of traffic evaluation. Call tracking not only offers businesses an incredible amount of data, it also offers much needed advisement on unseen opportunities.

Being able to gauge where authentic customers are coming from used to keep companies in the dark, but with analytics and call tracking abilities the digital forefront has become a lot less intimidating. The resources every business needs are readily available, and taking the time to discern how those campaigns can be used will prove to be the most beneficial strategy for future brand placement.

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