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Why Call Tracking Will Make Your Agency Look Good

With so much on your plate, why not take the easier road to giving your clients what they need. With call tracking, the right data management will give your agency the upper hand in delivering accurate an ROI. In an easily attainable and comprehensive format, all the information necessary for measuring a marketing campaign is right at your finger tips.

Even more importantly, call tracking offers your clients an easily interpreted method of data extraction. Knowing what, where, and why your customers are engaging with your brand are the most fundamental, yet vital questions that need to be addressed. Call tracking offers a unique and exciting opportunity to promote a product or service in an environment that will prove your results.

Showing your clients every angle of their marketing campaign, with clean statistical evidence, will enhance the work your agency produces and make your efforts that much more compelling.

The Many Features of Call Tracking

blog101When it comes to having a good business partnership, one of the most important elements is being able to accurately and consistently show what your agency has done; and why that client should maintain the partnership. Call tracking offers all the data that will keep your clients interested and impressed with the direction their brand is heading.

Being able to show clients how their customers engaging with the brand along with the many features call tracking software has to offer will give your agency a leg up on the competition. With BIA/Kelsey reporting phone calls to small businesses is going to double over the next few years, it’s even more crucial now for owners to recognize the importance of tracking customer calls.

An even more eye opening statistic reported by Google is that 61% of local, mobile searches result in an immediate phone call, and xAd reports that 52% of all mobile ads result in a phone call. Here are a few beneficial features of call tracking that can really impress your clients:

  • Real Time Call Stats: Clients can keep up to date with incoming calls as they’re happening to get a full grasp on how their brand is doing at that moment in time. Having the ability to understand the frequency of calls at a specific time of day gives your client the autonomy they desire. Having that kind of power will make them feel good.
  • Caller ID Data: Knowing who is calling gives your client the basic knowledge that they expect to have. In the information age your clients expect their marketing campaigns to have the capacity of being able to gauge specific people calling their business.
  • Call Recording: Your client wants to be able to see how their business is running from the crow’s nest. Having the call recording feature offers your client the chance to be the hawk in the sky that can monitor how their representatives are engaging with customers. Call recording can pull clients out of the dark in their knowledge of day to day operations.

Effortless Management of Call Tracking Software

blog102New software can sometimes be intimidating to use for those not as technically inclined as others. Call Tracking has worked out all the kinks to make reselling it within your agency a lot easier. When an agency can offer a client a fully functional tool that can be used independently, they are going to get major kudos.

Clients will be very appreciative because they are able to run their business without having to leave things in the hands of an outside resource. Taking the training wheels off and letting clients manage this process themselves will help keep your agency in the best light possible with your clients. A few major features of call tracking that helps keep agencies tight with their customers are:

  • Being able to set up your own platform in 15 minutes.
  • Easily generate call reports for accurate indications of brand campaign performance.
  • Easy scalability of phone lines using Twilio

The ease of setting up and maintaining a call tracking account is the main attraction in utilizing this type of tool. For the amount of information readily available to your agency and your client along with the painless process of interpreting call data has proven to be an essential part of any marketing campaign. Being able to offer your client something they can easily master will make your agency’s efforts highly recognized and help lead to new business in the future.


Managing Multiple Companies

blog104Whether your agency can be classified as SEO, PPC, digital, direct mail, traditional, or something else, you are usually going to have to meet strict deadlines under enormous pressure to perform as promised. Call tracking software can eliminate some of the day-to-day stress usually associated with running an agency.

When reselling call tracking there are unlimited number of accounts that can be managed on one platform. One easy installation of the software is all it takes, and their frequent reliance on your agency to guide them from campaign to campaign is eliminated.

Clients are able to consult about call data on their own time and that is going to make your agency look fantastic when you can offer your clients all the tools to run their ad campaigns. It is often difficult to find an agency capable of offering clients an easy way for them to supervise their unique marketing campaigns from project to project. Your time is valuable and so is your clients.

Every client is looking to save as much money as possible, but at the same time get the most out of their brand campaign. With no monthly costs, besides your numbers and the minutes used, your client has a filter of how much money they want to spend on tracking their lines.

It is a no brainer that your agency is going to be a lot more attractive to clients if you give them flexible payment options. Limiting blind spending that doesn’t translate to positive ROI is the main reason companies seek agencies in the first place. With call tracking software you get what you pay for.

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