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Why Call Tracking Is An Excellent Tool For Training Your Sales Force

In order for any company to develop a sales organization that can effectively deliver on a daily basis there needs to be a strong training program to support team. Sometimes it can be difficult to properly engage employees in a program unless they truly view it as worthwhile. With the right tools and methods of interpreting information and analyzing each individuals’ sales performance it will prove to be one of the most important assets of your sales program.

Make Your Program Stimulating

training_iconOne of the most important factors in a successful sales training program is making it interesting enough to be engaging. A great training program has to be as much entertaining as it is informative, and that all starts with the right resources. With an aesthetically pleasing web portal that allows you to break down all relevant statistics of your calls, training will be taken to a higher level. No longer will your company be in the dark when it comes to sales floor performance.

With Analytic Call Tracking your team will know every notable statistic of their calls, including their most successful time period, how much time they are spending on the phone, what areas and who are generating the most sales. Along with providing a significant amount of call stats, each employee will have all this information at their fingertips and organized in an easy to use platform. With great software, your sales training program will be interactive enough to result in a system that receives complete buy-in from your entire team.

The most important facet of any sales training presentation is being able to provide solid percentages. People remember numbers that surprise them; especially if those figures promise to lead towards being a better salesperson. If a training program can inform each employee what numbers they need to strive for in order to produce, then company standards within the sales team will be clear-cut. Call tracking will be able to deliver those statistics. Statistics such as what percentage your closed sales will increase by utilizing a specific technique, what percentage sales will increase when certain customer satisfaction accolades are achieved.

The Small Things Matter!

the-small-things-matterBy creating a sales training program that provides a solid foundation of numbers and analytical evidence, there will ultimately be a better understanding of the small things that work. By recognizing these fundamental components you will discover a curriculum that leads to better results.

For any new program there needs to be basic requirements established, and with call tracking the requirements listed below can be met to their fullest and even enhanced.

  • High energy with encouraging positivity.
  • Make sure all your employees are buying into the system and participating daily.
  • Have a structured plan with weekly, monthly, or quarterly meetings.
  • Give employees something to strive for by rewarding them for great performance.
  • Provide them with positive accolades from the customers. People like being appreciated.
  • Use your standouts as examples by letting others understand what has worked with them, as well as what hasn’t.

Having every call under frequent monitoring with recording capabilities will give you the power to understand your sales dynamic, as well as the ability to oversee your sales team from the crow’s nest. Use call tracking to sit down with each employee to discuss areas for improvement, as well as noticing the positives. According to 55 percent of the people earning their living in sales should be doing something else, and another 20 to 25 percent (of salespeople) have what it takes to sell, but they should be selling something else. So it is huge for any supervisor to realize who is producing and who is not, and then making the decisions to fire, hire, and promote when necessary.


Take the First Step

Taking the first step in developing a solid training program for a sales team is often the hardest part of the process; however, having the right resources can make that first step a whole lot easier. The more analytical evidence, and the more time dedicated to dissecting your sales dynamic will pave the way for a bright future. Call tracking will be your own personal “geek squad” by your side, and will always be available to interpret the intensive data coming in. The more informed you are about your company’s performance, the more you will understand the direction the company has to take to drive revenue each quarter.

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