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Turn Your Business Around With Call Tracking

In business, the term “intelligence” refers to strategically actionable information or data. Modern businesses can no longer survive on static business plans. The contemporary business landscape is rapid and volatile and requires businesses to keep pace with ever stiffening competition and evolving customer needs. This calls for businesses to continually implement measures of bridging the gap between service or product delivery and consumer needs and expectations.

Call tracking is a discipline that enables businesses to identify their leads sources, activity and various other critical aspects of prospecting and lead generation thrusts. Intelligence gathered through call tracking is critical to the planning, marketing and advertising of any modern business.

Without call tracking, outreach efforts remain haphazard, and success will remain an elusive reality to business entities that have not tapped-into the immense benefits of packaging well informed marketing and publicity campaigns.

Many business entities lose a great percentage of potential customers due to low call answering rates. Researches have shown that many callers looking for services would rather hang-up than just leave a voice message. This is where many businesses lose a lot of prospective clients.

Call tracking enables businesses to record caller phone numbers as well as other critical caller details, so that company consultants can return customers calls. Without a prompt and effective lead management system, a business entity will lose a bulk of its potential customers to competitors.

Bridge the Divide Between Online and Offline Marketing Thrusts



A study conducted by (read more) on online impact of offline buying shows that, despite the growth of internet marketing over traditional offline marketing, 63 percent of consumers close their purchases offline as a result of their search activity. This creates a chasm between online and offline lead activity.

While the cyber marketing platforms have a formidable arsenal of visitor tracking tools and analytics that can be applied on target web pages, there is a growing divide between offline marketing efforts and the impact of online outreach, marketing and publicity thrusts.

The importance of having a website remains an overrated innovation for many business owners who have no feasible means of tracking phone calls…

One of the main benefits of call tracking is that it demystifies the impact of online marketing conducted by the conventional brick and mortar businesses.  Many business owners don’t get comprehensive feedback on the impact and mileage of their online campaigns; however, that data is skewed.

Questions such as, “Does my internet marking campaign result in phone calls?” remain unanswered.  With call tracking, businesses can track calls and ascertain if the calls they received lead to revenue generation. The importance of having a website remains an overrated innovation for many business owners who have no feasible means of tracking phone calls that come through to their offices.

There are many questions that a shrewd business owner or marketing experts should be able to answer concerning their company’s lead generation. Ultimately, marketing personnel must be able to check if callers return to the site and if such lead activity results in revenue generation. Without this intelligence, marketing efforts remain second-rate and the results will be intermittent at best.

Call tracking enables SEO practitioners and marketing managers the ability to bring every lead and response activity into perspective. The service has proved to effectively bridge the gap between online marketing campaigns and offline call performance.

Researches Have Illuminated the Importance of Call Tracking


A study conducted by Google (read more) recently showed that about 65 percent of mobile devices users access the internet via those devices. This means that entities running internet marketing campaigns without call tracking are missing out on a significant chunk of lead data.

Most companies rely on Google Adwords, Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns to drive traffic to their websites as well as to get prospects to call their business. Google has conducted research on the importance of call tracking and in light of that study, Google has added a feature that adds a “Call Now” button to an Adword campaigns.

With such a feature, companies can get calls directly from their ad campaigns (read more). Call tracking plays a critical role in tracking calls to their source and shedding light on the effectiveness of online campaigns.

What Are the Benefits of Call Tracking?


  • Fine Tuning. By using call tracking, marketers are more informed about campaign performance. Armed with such intelligence, marketers can establish the true value of a campaign based on both online and offline results.
  • Increasing Conversions. As Jeff Eisenberg aptly asserts, “It’s much easier to double your business by doubling your conversion rate than by doubling your traffic”, with call tracking, a business is able to identify web pages or ad campaigns that yield calls. Intelligence gathered through call tracking furnishes internet marketers with insights on areas that need more attention.
  •  Cost Effectiveness. One of the key objectives of establishing authoritative online strategies is to close business online. Call tracking enables marketing planners to identify areas of need and fill the gaps to close more business online. With all the critical data gathered, marketers can reduce call volume by meeting certain needs online as informed by intelligence collected through call tracking.

Call Tracking is the Ultimate Link Between Click and Call Lead Activity

ACTblog45On a larger scale, a comparison of clicks vs calls intelligence enables marketers to calculate Return On Advertising Spend (ROAS). Marketers can gather the critical lead intelligence and use it to place monetary value on each call. By monetizing each call, marketers can calculate an accurate value to various advertising methods.

Call tracking has become an important instrument for marketing planners and business owners who want to run effective and optimal marketing campaigns. The discipline is an all-important bridge between online and offline lead activity.

Exponential advancements in technology mean that call tracking can keep pace with the complex dynamics of marketing, lead generation and management. Business owners and marketers can now synthesize and evaluate all the lead data and analytics surrounding their paid online advertising and offline responses to their cyber advertising initiatives.

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