Simple Call Tracking That PROVES Your Marketing Efforts Are Working

Identify The Marketing Channels That Make Your Phone Ring Phone Call Tracking, Recording, & Analytics

Here’s how the little guy marketer is quietly outperforming the big-whig agencies and becoming ROCKSTARS in the eyes of their clients…

We Take The Guesswork Out of Where Your Client’s Calls Are Coming From And Turn Every Lead Into A TRACKABLE Sale 

Know EXACTLY Which Ads Are Driving ACTUAL Phone Calls With Qualified Leads 

Track Every Conversion

Prove the ROI Of Every Campaign 

Analyze & Customize Lead Experience 

Efficiently Optimize Client’s Ad Spend 

100% Risk-Free 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Analytic Call Tracking Connects The Dots Between Marketing Campaigns and Inbound Phone Calls…

So You Can See Which Ads Are ACTUALLY Making The Phone Ring For Your Client’s Business…

And Help Them Drive More of The RIGHT Traffic & Convert More Leads Into Sales 

(without the guesswork)

Get a more complete view of your marketing efforts 

Focus budget to needle-mover campaigns

Streamline sales processes 

✓  Automate lead flow

Scale with confidence 

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Dear Marketer,

Here’s the ugly truth of running an agency that most marketers ignore:

If you don’t know EXACTLY which ad campaigns and marketing efforts are making your client’s phones ring…


My guess is that you want to do everything in your power to prevent that from happening…

And – more importantly – to keep your clients (and keep them happy!) for many years to come…

But doing more “testing”, generating more leads, and working yourself to the bone isn’t cutting it.

So what can you do?

Well, businesses live and die by ONE thing = DATA.

But 65% of marketers can’t quantify the business impact of their marketing efforts…

That means they’re making decisions based on ASSUMPTIONS, not knowledge (data).

Let’s be real though – your gut instincts can only help your efforts but so much.  And your clients aren’t paying you to guess using their hard-earned marketing dollars…

Your clients are paying you to KNOW – and PROVE – what’s working, and what’s not.

They deserve to know exactly where every call that comes into their business is coming from…

And how they can best leverage their advertising dollars to turn more of the right leads into paying customers and clients.

With Analytic Call Tracking Software – Your Clients WIN More Business…You WIN More Trust With Your Clients.

Since 2012, hundreds of marketers serving thousands of clients across dozens of industries and niches have trusted our software to make data-backed decisions to improve their clients’ lead flow, optimize spending, and make informed marketing decisions that drive trackable, proven results.

  • Accurate & Easy To Understand Reporting
  • Save Money on Recording Fees 
  • Google Offline Conversion Compatible
  • Efficient Client Billing Capability 
  • Custom Domain Functionality 
  • Whitelabeling Available 


Here’s the truth…

Most marketing agencies are flying blind when it comes to running their clients’ campaigns.

They experiment with different “solutions” to drive more traffic, expand reach, and test new channels…

One month, they might see great results from their efforts and their clients are happy…

But the next month, the phones stop ringing, the leads dry up, and their clients are left wondering when the next sale is coming in.

That leads to YOU – the marketer – constantly being under a microscope of scrutiny, with your clients questioning what they’re paying you for.

It’s Time to STOP Wasting Advertising Dollars On Underperforming Campaigns

Analytic Call Tracking gives you the data-backed confidence to track the effectiveness of every marketing campaign – and the support to become a more well-informed marketer, who your clients trust as a true expert.  

Our software gives you the tools and insights to MEASURE key pieces of data in the customer conversion journey, to ANALYZE the attribution of every inbound call, and to OPTIMIZE which campaigns are generating the highest ROI – so you can stop trying to scale in the dark.

Identify the attribution of every call
– Uncover campaign blind spots 
– Capture & report relevant data 
Review key performance metrics 
Recognize fatiguing ads 
Set alerts to track performance 
Adjust based on proven data points
Resolve bottlenecks in performance
Redirect campaign budget effectively

“If you are not using Analytic Call Tracking’s system, then you’re wasting time and money!”

With Analytic Call Tracking, Any Campaign With A Number Attached Becomes An Asset You Can Track

PPC – SEO – Direct Mail – Social Ads – Trade Shows – Websites Business Cards – TV Ads – Doorhangers – Billboards – Flyers

Analytic Call Tracking allows you to accurately attribute every call to its source – whether listed on a trade show brochure or pay-per-click campaign, whether you have 10 numbers to track or 100.

Every call, text, and web form submission gets its own unique tracking number so you can know exactly which channels and individual ads are bringing in business.

Get accurate measurements and detailed reports from all efforts – from print ads to paid ads – all in one user-friendly dashboard.

More Than Just Metrics – Analytic Call Tracking Helps You Become More Than Just A Marketer 

Analytic Call Tracking connects the dots between the phone call and quantitative data to see what spending is driving more calls and resulting in higher conversions.

But oftentimes,  there’s more to the customer journey than meets the eye.  With our Call Recording function – along with the sales training we offer for all members – you have the power to actually hear what happens once a call is generated and answered by your client’s business.

Are your leads going straight to voicemail?  

Are they being denied service?  

Is the sales representative having a bad day?  

These questions no longer have to be left unanswered – nor do you have to take a backseat role in helping your clients increase sales.  

Now you can help uncover when and why leads are slipping through the cracks and strategically consult your clients on how they can tighten up their sales process and train their staff to offer the best customer experience – and extract the most value – from every lead that calls.

Created for Small Agencies, Designed For Big Results 

Analytic Call Tracking was specifically created for the little guy – the small digital marketing and leadgen agencies – whether you operate as a solopreneur or with a team.  Our tools are fast to set up, simple to use, and provide you with the data you need to share with, and better serve, your clients.  

In just 15 minutes, you can have unique systems completely set up, start tracking immediately, and get detailed reports containing all the metrics that needed to move the needle on your clients’ campaigns.  No more waiting until the end of the month to get the data you need to optimize in real time. 

We Give You The Tools, Strategies & Support To Best Serve Your Clients 

Think of us as an extension of your team (especially if your team is just you).  We developed our software to solve the problems we faced in our own businesses – and those of our clients – so we know what your clients expect when they hire you, and what you need to deliver them results, exceed their expectations, and help their businesses grow.

Every Analytic Call Tracking package comes standard with our 24/7 hands-on support and a complimentary intake consultation, where we’ll answer your questions and provide a customized written report with recommendations tailored to your business.

We’ll work with you to maximize every feature our software offers, so you get the greatest value for your money, and help your clients maximize their return on trusting you as their agency.

Our competitors might have fancier websites, make bigger promises, and offer an overwhelming suite of features, but we pride ourselves on our white glove-style of service, getting to know our users and their needs, and becoming your de facto partner in technology.

No Long-Term Contracts – Cancel Anytime 

Available With Every Plan

Real Time Tracking Inbound RoutingCall Recording Simple & Fast Setup
Advanced Multi-Channel AttributionWhisper & Call Greeting Automated Reports Customized Call Notes 

Analytic Call Tracking Is THE EDGE Marketers Need 

Analytic Call Tracking was created so that marketers like you, who aren’t programmers and don’t know how to code, can easily access and leverage the data points that so many agencies overlook that are crucial to a client’s lead conversion journey.  

Here’s how it works:

Customer calls number listed on ad 

Our unique tracking number pinpoints the exact source of that call 

Business gets a “whisper” notification of the call source 

You get detailed reports to share with your clients which campaigns are generating the most calls

You prove which campaigns generate the highest ROI and cut the duds 

Clients win more business, you win more trust 

Get More From Your Marketing

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“It is very helpful to know where my calls come from and adjust marketing budgets accordingly. The ACT team has been there every time I have had a question.” – Aaron Galvin, Luxury Living Chicago

Tracking Everywhere

Track phone calls from PPC, SEO, websites, Print, and more.

Record Calls

Call recording makes it easy to review calls and improve customer service.

Perfect for Agencies

Manage multiple companies, locations, or clients from one interface.

Dynamic Number Insertion

Dynamically swap call tracking numbers on your website based on visitor source.

Simple Configuration

You can configure a new call tracking number in less than a minute.

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