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How Call Tracking Can Enhance Your Signage And Really Make It Worth The Investment

A marketing campaign driven through the traditional method of signage can be a very effective if done properly. But with so many companies looking to grab the attention of the everyday passerby; how do you actually know if you’re able to convert them into a loyal customer. With the help of call tracking software, a business will be able to understand how effective their efforts are when it comes to potential customers seeing their brand in a strategically placed billboard, banner, vehicle lettering, etc.

Having a solid signage-marketing plan is usually the first step for any small business when they are trying to get their business up and running. After some careful planning it’s often common for businesses to switch from their careful plan and just start spending on the same medium, while having no idea if they are even driving people to their brand.

Call tracking software will help a business owner identify where their calls are coming from, peak calling hours and most importantly, which advertisements are getting people to act and which ones are actually converting. Here is a brief explanation of what call tracking is:

Setup Your Own Call Tracking Platform in Minutes

clockA complicated method of gauging your marketing campaign reach is made easy by using a white-labeled, self-hosted application that you can set up in minutes. Any business owner can be able to fully understand the direction of a marketing campaign by of installing call tracking software with us.

No Monthly Costs, Besides Your Numbers & Minutes You Use

ACTBlog103Call tracking ensures that you only pay for the lines you are using, and the amount of time you spend using them. At only $1/mo per line and $.02 per minute, it’s a no brainer. There are no hidden fees or mark ups that other software services have.

You will soon realize how cheap it actually is to utilize this software when you dive into the various features that call tracking software includes. It will help you to understand your company’s marketing logistics at another level.

Scale With Ease Using Twilio


Analyze your campaign with the latest cloud communications technology. You will be pushed to the forefront of our digital world by having the opportunity to navigate through software that caters specifically to your business. Every piece of data is at your fingertips on your own personal site that will keep you organized, and helping you to make the right choices when it comes to your brand development.

Call Recording


Have ultimate control of your company’s daily interactions with customers. If your company relies heavily on telephony to drive sales then it is a must for any business owner to have complete control over their employees, and the way they reflect the brand. It is vital for any customer to have outstanding client relations to stay in business, and at the same time it necessary for any owner to have a way of determining if the people they hired are equipped for the job.

Staying Organized


The most important thing for any business owner/manager is to stay organized. With Analytic Call Tracking all the data floating around is harnessed and broken down into an aesthetically pleasing portal that can interpret the information you need so you can get the ball rolling.

Having a thorough plan for daily business operations is a must, and Analytic Call Tracking can help you manage call data and campaign information for numerous store locations, channels or campaigns.

Real Time Call Stats

ACTBlog107Why wouldn’t you want to have total control over all your daily inbound calls? In being able to drop in on every call you will be able to monitor your business from the crow’s nest. And for any marketing campaign it is an absolute must to be able to gauge where the calls are coming from.

Easily Generate Call Reports

ACTBlog108Operate at a higher level by being able to quickly develop weekly/monthly reports on call performance. All your employees will be impressed with such concrete data that it will drive them to meet company standards, and also develop a multi-dimensional marketing campaign that will be able to clearly define how the company is doing and what everyone needs to do to their goals. Knowing your business operations like the back of your hand will take your marketing plan a long way.

With all the features that call tracking software offers, a business will be able to run their own brand development department while eliminating any holes in quarterly performance. It will end up saving a business an excessive amount of money if they are able to avoid hiring an outside agency to deliver ad reports. With such a cutting edge and cheap marketing channel available with a click of the mouse, it is a no brainer to take the time to learn how Analytic Call Tracking can better your business decisions.

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