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ACT v2.6.8
  • Fixed issue with Last 30 Days graph not working sometimes.
  • Fixed a typo on Outgoing Call Details page.
  • Fixed an issue with call syncing.
  • Fixed a bug with AgentIVR.
  • Fixed an issue where Caller ID was not getting pulled when enabled.
  • Fixed an issue where Voicemails were unable to be deleted.
If you have any issues with this update, please contact us at
ACT v2.6.7
  • Fixed a Bug with user permission saving.
  • Agent voicemail failing to trigger when extension is used on Advance Call Flow.
  • Ring 1 Number settings failing to appear.
  • User permissions failing to save.
  • Adding clients to billing fail to save.
  • Phone Numbers failing to save in Advance Call Flows.
  • Fixed an issue where contact lists were unabled to be shared.
  • Fixed an issue with ring count on a dial applet in the Advanced call flow.
  • Fixed a bug where a large logo would break the layout of the invoice.
  • SMS Broadcast sometimes failing to save.
  • SMS forwarding not forwarding.
If you have any issues with this update, please contact us at
ACT v2.6.6
  • Multiple user permissions issues.
  • Auto Billing outgoing number recognition.
  • Menu options in IVR repeating twice and ignoring repeat when set to zero.
  • Agent IVR loading previous files and data.
  • Browsersoft phone conferences failing to end after agent hangs up.
  • Ringtone selection failing to select causing errors.
  • Outgoing call count and list correction for both admin and user.
  • Outgoing call detail page failing to load for users.
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes.
If you have any issues with this update, please contact us at
ACT v2.6.5
  • Outgoing call details page. See call details, history, and other data for outbound calls.
  • Call detail page added to the Auto Dialer log page. View call details for outbound calls made through the Auto Dialer.
  • Call Quality Feedback button located on incoming call details pages.
  • Twilio usage fixes.
  • Call Recordings beginning from initial ring.
  • Auto dialer call log pagination.
  • Blacklist failing to block numbers.
  • Intermittent dropped calls, optimized call handling.
  • Dynamic Referrer tracking optimization, Adwords failing to display source.
  • Keyword level tracking pooling numbers failing to display company information on email notifications.
  • Browsersoft phone error message handling.
  • Auto Billing window optimizations for review time handling and notifications.
  • Updated companies page.
  • Various optimizations for improved hosting compatibility.
If you have any issues with this update, please contact us at
ACT v2.6.4
  • New Billing Window for Auto Billing. Never miss a call for an invoice again for Lead Gen. Easily review your calls included in the invoice before they are sent to your clients. Easily configure by editing a client and selecting the window time and email to receive notifications when your invoice is ready for review.
  • New auto detection of ringback tone located on the Settings page. Select Auto Detect to automatically determine which ringtone to use or set a global ringtone.
  • Removal of MP3's; Whisper, Recording Notification, Auto Dialer, Voice Broadcasts, Advance Call Flow Applets, Voicemail configuration, and Global Opt-out
  • Outgoing calls and call report
  • Voicemail recordings failing to play.
  • Voice Broadcast issue which allowed users to select both "Only Voicemail" and "Only Live Answer".
  • Call recordings failing to play back in edit company popup.
  • Global opt-out key error message.
  • Keyword Level Tracking clickable links on landing pages and international pooling number reporting.
  • Sorting issue on Contact list table.
  • Pagination issue located on Keyword Generated/Not Generated reports.
  • Multiple Number applet failing to ring multiple numbers.
  • Auto Dialer CSV exporting of all data contained in a campaign.
  • Hold button failing to function properly.
  • Auto Dialer Timezone recognition improvements.
  • Miscellaneous backend improvements and optimizations.
If you have any issues with this update, please contact us at

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