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Call Tracking – The Problem Solver For Failing Digital Marketing Campaigns

Agencies that offer social media, SEO, and email marketing are constantly looking for new ways to enhance their marketing campaigns for their clients. In order to keep up with the rapidly changing social network and search engine rules, it’s essential for agencies to develop up to date parallel marketing techniques. Call tracking offers an amazing tool that gives agencies, and their clients, the power to easily quantify their advertising dollars on any channel.

It gives agencies the power to gauge how successful their marketing techniques are based on analytical evidence that can be neatly organized in a formal report. These modern channels are often tedious to fully develop your brand on, but the more you know about your online brand presence, the greater your ability to generate positive ROI. Being able to harness data will give agencies and their clients enough power to stay on a cost effective path while limiting any holes in their quarterly budget.

Social Media Agencies 

blog91Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Google +, Instagram, and many other social vehicles have emerged with the highest traffic recordings across the entire internet. Even though there is such a vast audience that will be exposed to a brand it is hard to be able to herd them towards visiting a brand website where they will hopefully purchase your product or service.

Agencies can’t control the consumer, but they can control how they want to draw them to a brand. With call tracking implemented in their campaign analysis, social media agencies are able to indicate which channel is getting across to their target audience and which of their marketing strategies can be deemed valuable.

For many businesses, phone calls are going to be the best way for them to sell their product or service, and is the major reason why they need to be able to monitor their phone lines. Social media agencies are not going to be able to provide a comfortable performance analysis without being able to show that people are actually dialing their number.

Call tracking software can give the power to the agency and the client by reporting exactly which social ads (on exactly what social sites) are leading to an interested customer. The predicament of not knowing if a companies social ads are useless or not is eliminated when they are able to tie their brand’s social presence back to their everyday business operations. Call tracking is an eye opening opportunity for a social media agency to show how their efforts are directly linked to sales activity.

SEO Agencies   

SEOSEO agencies are constantly trying to keep up with search engine algorithms that will either boost or bury company websites on the expansive internet. Search engines are the most frequently modified sites and are constantly becoming more and more complicated. In 2010 alone, Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt said that Google made over 500 algorithm changes, which is about 1.5 changes a day.

Agencies that are able to properly manage a company brand on search engines are going to be a very valuable asset to that business. Being able to keep a client in the loop with their search engine rankings is a must, and being able to actually produce evidence of their brand presence leading to direct sales is even more beneficial. With call tracking, SEO agencies will not only be able to provide site traffic analytics, but also more meaningful data of how customers are reacting to their online campaign.

Businesses need to know how their customers are finding their direct phone lines, and what they can do to find even more customers. Being able to tie complicated and often misunderstood SEM to interactions with real people is going to yield impressive data that can be easily interpreted by business owners. Companies will seek agencies more often if they are informed of how such a perplexing platform is going to put more money in their pocket.

Email Marketing Agencies

Agencies that offer Email marketing as part of their services are responsible for reaching out to potential customers or current customers of their clients. This can be a great asset for a company to include in their marketing strategy and can actually be the sole method of driving in the customers they need. According to a study by Exact Target, 77% of consumers prefer to receive permission-based marketing communications through email, and 44% of email recipients made at least one purchase last year based on a promotional email according to

Email blasting a target client base is going to focus all of an agency’s time and efforts in introducing a brand to those who will actually follow through with a sale. But the major flaw with email marketing is how it can sometimes be overlooked in an inbox or just deleted as spam. Contacting an individual with a brand they are unfamiliar with may just lead to the trash bin. Call tracking may be the solution to the dilemma.

Call tracking software offers the opportunity for your email agency to easily report how a client’s email campaign is turning a target customer base into actual sales. It is the easiest way to find out if an email marketing strategy is the route the brand campaign wants to take. Small local businesses are a prime example of how call tracking can be such a sufficient tool. If the majority of a businesses revenue is coming from people calling them up, then why wouldn’t they want complete oversight on what makes their company successful?

Phone lines can be a work horse for some businesses, and with an approach that utilizes call tracking, agencies are able to give their clients the ideal way of drawing up what kinds of email ads their customers are responding to. Agencies can reach out to the most likely candidates that will purchase a company’s product or service, and then deliver a full statistical analysis of how they are interacting with the brand. Knowing who, why, and when people are responding to their email blasts gives any agency the supremacy they need in a competitive market.

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