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Call Tracking Software Is A Salespersons Best Friend

A sales team is the vanguard of a company where the overall fiscal performance can be either made or broken. Without a sales team that excels in bringing in new business it is often going to be very difficult to run a successful brand. As we all know, being a salesperson is a difficult profession to enter because of how demanding the position is on some people.

Producing sales leads can be a lot easier if you pay attention to the small details that are often overlooked. Most sales teams have all the tools necessary to be successful, it’s just they neglect the simple things that can make or break a deal. It all comes down to being able to communicate and make the prospect like you, and that has to be the main goal every time you meet or call a new client.

Behind this standard, every salesperson has to be able to understand his or her daily interactions, and that’s where call tracking can be beneficial for each employee as well as the company as a whole.

1. Have A Smile In Your Voice

have-a-smile-in-your-voiceNo one wants to deal with someone who doesn’t sound like they are even interested in the conversation they initiated. One of the biggest factors in making a sale is being able to provide a warming spirit, which can often be very difficult without a face to face interaction. It is a major disadvantage to not have the smile as the initial probe to get someone’s attention.

Believe it or not whether or not the person on the other line is wearing a smile can be noticed instantly. An easy way to gauge how your voice is revealing your body language is with call tracking software. The ability to review your calls will help you understand what works and what doesn’t. It’s like editing an essay; first you will need to step back and edit it yourself, and then you need to share it with someone else for a second, third, or even fourth opinion. Reviewing your call through a recording is a major upper hand that is essential for any sales team to recognize their strengths and weaknesses.

2. Be An Excellent Listener

be-an-excellent-listenerEven though it may seem like rushing to get to your point as quick as possible is a good tactic, it can sometimes be a quick way to losing a sale. The point of a conversation is that there is more than one person involved. So getting the other person involved is vital. By creating a two way conversation you are inviting your prospect to actually engage with what you are selling.

It is important to respond to what they are saying instead of just going with your typical spiel or what you have written down. You can easily recognize when you are cutting people off or blatantly disregarding what they are saying when you have the ability to go back to a call recording. Reviewing what people frequently say about your pitch can be a huge advantage in already having a rebuttal prepared.

3. Asking the Right Questions

asking-the-right-questionsA major technique in your sales pitch that will keep the person on the other end listening is by stopping to ask questions. Not only does it give both of you time to absorb the information, but it also gives time for the hopeful client to direct the conversation in the direction they would like it to go.

Rambling on is like having one long boring paragraph; people are going to stop listening because we all have a short attention span. Call tracking software can help you understand when you need to break your pitch up by giving you the opportunity to listen and understand the how long your pitch takes to speak.

It’ a huge benefit to be able to pick out your flaws early in the process so you can eliminate the constant struggle of losing potential clients. The earlier you understand your flaws, the quicker you can turnover a much larger monthly commission. Call tracking software can quickly be recognized as your company’s best friend.

4. Do Your Homework

do-your-homeworkOne of the more obvious techniques in selling any product or service is having a knowledgeable salesperson. But other than understanding every facet of your product or service you must be able to step on the other side of the fence. By understanding and anticipating how people are going to feel or what they are going to say is crucial in opening up your sale.

It is the most impressive tool to have in your arsenal, and if you have zero hesitation in your voice then the person on the other line is going to trust you. But along with already knowing your rebuttal you must also have the patience to not interrupt them. Make your response genuine, like you have never been faced with that question or comment before and you are thinking on your feet.

With call tracking you can gauge how long your responses take, and how much time you give your potential client to speak. Timing out all your calls and really getting to know your own structure in conversation can be a fantastic way to organize your daily sales routine. Understanding your pitches inside and out will make selling like clockwork.

Dissecting the Pros and Cons of Your Pitch

In order to first understand how to make a sale, you must understand your own tendencies. After you are able to dissect the pros and cons to your pitch you will then be able to move forward with a worthy game plan. But even with a bunch of tips from the experts you still may have no idea where to start.

With the right tools by your side you will be able to understand your own unique way of selling, which is a must because every salesperson is different and reaches success on a different path. The only way you will be allowed to get to know your pitch is to be able to record your calls on an easy to use self serving portal.

Break down all the call analytics like when you are the busiest, how long people are talking to you and at what hour, what they are saying and how they are responding to you at a certain time of the day, etc. Having call tracking support your company’s sales team will give your organization the opportunity to sit down and discuss their tactics with minute detail.

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