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Benefits Of Call Tracking For Small Businesses

Do you remember those creepy Burger King commercials? The point of every commercial was essentially the same thing: the eerie Burger King man shows up in unlikely places to get you to buy hamburgers. To no one’s surprise, the ad was pulled when sales plunged 6% for the chain.

Just about every small business has one thing in common: marketing dollars are few and precious. Unlike major companies, small businesses don’t have the resources to waste millions of dollars on campaigns and keep their fingers crossed that they work.

A small business needs measurable marketing campaigns to shed light on what is working and what is tanking. Call Tracking is a great way for a small business to analyze various marketing campaigns, listen to the public and get maximum return on their investment.

According to Digital Marketing Depot, when a user hits your landing page, it’s converted to a sale only 2-10% of the time. In contrast, someone picking up the phone and calling can produce sales as high as 80%. Even though we are a virtual world, people still prefer the power of human contact.

Don’t make the mistake of assuming your website will drive most of the sales. Research continues to prove that while users might begin on a landing page, they still end with dialing numbers. If you are considering the benefits of call tracking to increase your sales, then keep reading.

Awareness of missed calls/opportunities

Art1.2With so many companies keeping their doors open 24 hours a day, consumers are no longer used to receiving attention only during traditional work hours. If you can get a fast food taco at 2 a.m. wrapped in a cheesy chip crust and coated with refried beans, then why can’t you call your local small business, too?

Although it would be ideal to have a 24/7-phone line for you company, chances are most small businesses cannot justify the cost of such a service. When it comes to after hour calls there is no way to track missed calls, whether they come in at night or are siphoned into a voicemail when encountering a busy phone line.

Every missed phone call is a missed opportunity for your business. When five o’clock hits and the doors are closed, chances are you are still receiving calls well into the evening hours that go unchecked and unattended. Call tracking can step into this paradigm and, even though you have missed the chance for human interaction, you can still gain valuable information.

With Call Tracking you can figure out where the calls are coming from and use this data in your marketing strategy. Maybe the majority of callers in the evening have contacted you from a radio ad heard in the car during their evening commute. Or perhaps they view your Direct Mail piece when retrieving the mail after dinner. Knowing how many calls you are missing and where those calls are coming from is valuable information.

Focused marketing efforts on untapped areas

Art1.3According to the U.S. Small Business Association, small businesses make up 54% of all U.S. sales. They provide more than half of all jobs and, in recent years when big businesses were cutting their workforce, small businesses were adding millions of jobs. There’s no mistake about it; small businesses are an important and growing part of economies all over the world.

Small businesses are also about growth that matters. If you are successful and your small business is expanding, it’s essential that you are aware of new and untapped markets. Call Tracking can help you recognize potential in un-reached areas and focus your growth into key territories.

Knowing geographical data about the people who are calling your company is essential. Are the majority of callers local? Are they centered in dead zones or areas lacking the resources your company provides? More than just who is calling, Call Tracking can help you see larger trends of callers from specific area codes and help you target future marketing strategies.

Money is spent on marketing campaigns that work

By far, the biggest benefit of call tracking for small businesses is knowledge. You will discover what marketing campaigns are working and which are failing. That ad on the highway might be located in a prime spot, but if no one is picking up the phone and calling that number, the thousands of dollars spent on that pretty billboard are not worth the investment.

Art1.4Many small businesses are burning the candle at both ends when it comes to marketing. They have a website, blog, Twitter account, Facebook page, newspaper ad, direct mail piece, billboard & the list could go on and on. Frankly, small businesses don’t have a lot of play money like larger companies. If even a single ad campaign isn’t working, time and money are too precious to spare.

Call Tracking can help identify successful marketing campaigns and streamline your efforts. If used correctly, it gives small businesses the chance to catch their breath, reel in a little zeal and move forward strategically.

Affordable source of information

Finally, and perhaps the most important, Call Tracking is affordable. Call Tracking companies will charge a flat fee each month per telephone number. In addition to the charge for the various numbers, each call is recorded and charged back to you based on the duration of the phone call. Most companies hover around $0.01 to $0.02 cents per minute.

Art1.5In essence, you are partnering with another company to supply invaluable metrics on your current customers and future prospects. Because smaller companies don’t typically have the budget for fully staffed marketing departments, this is a way to expand your marketing efforts without the cost associated with hiring additional staff. And the great thing about Call Tracking is that your customers don’t know. Every call is tracked and redirected straight to your business.

Most Call Tracking companies offer some type of money back guarantee to lower the risk for small businesses. If you do decide to move forward with Call Tracking, then choose a company that if you are not happy with the results, will give a full refund. If, however, you do try the service and find that the information is contributing to the growth of your business, then it is money well spent.

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